It's Official: Women are Better Drivers!

Ladies get a bad rap for being worse drivers than men (if this were really true, then why do men pay more for car insurance than women, hmm?). Well ladies, you've officially won this argument once and for all, because according to SCIENCE, women are better drivers than men!

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and other agencies took a look at the numbers, and there are more records of men causing accidents than women. And the accidents they're looking at were the bad ones that resulted in serious injuries and fatalities, not just the minor fender-benders. 

The info is rather grim, but they found that 71 percent of car accident casualties were men, while women only made up 29 percent of deaths. 

"Men typically drive more miles than women and more often engage in risky driving practices including not using safety belts, driving while impaired by alcohol, and speeding," the study said. "Crashes involving male drivers often are more severe than those involving female drivers."

Chalk one up for the ladies! Click the link for the full story.



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