Monopoly is trying to ruin your childhood

This is going to make me sound 100 years old, but:  Hey, Monopoly.  Leave my dang thimble alone.  

Hasbro just announced they're going to be making a bunch of new tokens for Monopoly to replace the classics like the top hat, thimble, and wheelbarrow.

Fortunately, the new tokens aren't going to be permanent . . . at least, not yet.  For now, they're just appearing in a new edition of Monopoly called "Token Madness."  

They created a website where everyone can vote on the tokens they want to see in the new game.  Here are some of the options: A hashtag sign . . . a TV . . . a Tyrannosaurus rex . . . an old-school Zack Morris cell phone . . . sunglasses . . . a scooter . . . a roller skate . . . a record player . . . a rubber ducky . . .And four different emoji faces. 

No. No monopoly hashtags. No emojis. And get off my lawn.



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