The average viewer will consume 12-hundred calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks alone on Sunday, not including meals...or ALCOHOL!!!


  • Super Bowl Sunday is the number two food-consumption day of the year, just behind Thanksgiving.
  • Ten-million man-hours are spent on Super Bowl food preparation.
  • Some 12-million pounds of avocado are sold in preparation for the game to help make eight-million pounds of guacamole.  That means if all that guac were spread across the football field, it would be 11.8 feet deep.
  • Americans eat almost 11.2-million pounds of chips and four-thousand tons of popcorn during the Super Bowl. That’s 27-billion calories and 1.8-billion grams of fat total from chips. If you lined up each and every chip, you would produce a trail almost 293-thousand miles long. Meanwhile, a popcorn string consisting of all that popcorn would ring the Earth almost five and a half times.
  • 7-Eleven claims a whopping 20 percent increase in sales of antacid the day after the Super Bowl.
  • Fans spend more than 50-million dollars on food during the four days of Super Bowl weekend.
  • Fans at the game will eat five-thousand pounds of hot dogs. If you laid those hotdogs end-to-end, they would stretch more than five miles.
  • Vendors will serve one-thousand cases of peanuts at the game. Stacked on top of each other, those cases would be much taller than the Empire State Building in New York City.
  • The most popular choices of takeout or delivery items on Super Bowl Sunday are pizza, chicken wings and subs or sandwiches.
  • Despite all the salty and greasy snacks, vegetables with dip are the number one consumed food during the game.
  • 32 percent of Super Bowl viewers plan on eating some form of dip (spinach, cheese, etc.) while watching the game.
  • 8.2-million pounds of tortilla chips will be consumed by fans.
  • Domino’s Pizza expects to deliver nine-million pieces of pizza to game watchers.
  • 48-million Americans will order some form of takeout or delivery food on Sunday instead of cooking at home.
  • 1.25-billion chicken wings will be eaten on Sunday. That’s over 100-million pounds of chicken wings.
  • 51.7-million cases of beer will be sold for game day and 325.5-million gallons of beer will be consumed that day.  In fact, 493 Olympic-sized swimming pools could be filled with all the beer consumed during the game.
  • 62 percent of grill owners will fire up a grill, making Super Bowl Sunday the most popular winter grilling day.