Are you a food thief?

Seriously, what is wrong with people? Didn't your mother teach you any manners??

A new survey found that 40% Americans admit to stealing food – whether from a partner, a co-worker, or a friend...and most of that food thievery takes place in the office. 41% said they’ve dealt with a co-worker stealing food from them, and 60% said they actually had to confront somebody about it. 33% say they have simply stopped taking their lunch to work because of food thieves.

So where is the food being stolen from? 38% said they’d had their food stolen out of the office fridge and 25% say somebody has stolen their food out of the microwave. THEY TOOK IT STRAIGHT OUT OF THE MICROWAVE?!

Here are the Top 10 foods most likely to be stolen at work:

  1. Chips -- 31%
  2. Fruit -- 28%
  3. Candy -- 27%
  4. Coffee -- 26%
  5. Juice -- 26%
  6. Milk -- 23%
  7. Bread -- 22%
  8. Ice cream -- 20%
  9. Lunch meat -- 19%
  10. Nuts -- 17%


Some people say they’ve had their food stolen from them three times a week!

First of all, what goes through a person's mind when they knowingly take something that isn't theirs? Aren't they concerned that the food owner is going to spot them and confront them? Secondly, I see the way some people keep their desks, and I don't even want to know how dirty their kitchens are. It takes a brave soul to eat food from someone's have no idea what was done to that food before you swiped it!

I have a mini fridge in my office now, but years ago, I brought my favorite coffee creamer to work, put a label on it with my name, made ONE CUP OF COFFEE with it, and put it into the shared office refrigerator. When I went to make a SECOND cup of coffee, the EMPTY bottle was all that was left. These jackwagons (many of whom I still work with--YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) literally emptied the creamer I bought with my own money and WROTE MY NAME ON, and then put the empty container back in the fridge like it was no problem. This points to a lot of bad parenting, if you ask me. My mom would have had my butt in a sling if I'd ever pulled a move like that back in the day. Y'all need Jesus. And a good Southern mama. Sorry not sorry.

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