Florida Woman arrested for throwing pork chop at boyfriend

A Florida woman is under arrest after she attacked her boyfriend with a pork chop.

A pork chop? A pork chop.

48-year-old Jennifer Brassard of Brooksville reportedly got into an argument with her boyfriend, but things got heated and physical. She allegedly grabbed the first thing she could use as a weapon, which happened to be a pork chop, and launched it at his face. 

The unidentified victim suffered a small cut under his eye and ran out of their home. Police determined that Brassard was the aggressor in the argument. They arrested her for domestic battery and released her on bail. She's been ordered not to have any contact with her boyfriend. 

I just don't understand what the pork chop did to deserve this treatment. I'm willing to accept a lot of nonsense, but messing with my dinner is where I draw the line!

[ Newsclannel 8 ]

[Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

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