Do you make your bed every morning?

Do you make your bed every morning, or just let it stay unmade? I'm a bed-maker. Even if the rest of the bedroom is a mess, making the bed makes me feel like the room is clean. And honestly, my bedroom is never a mess because clutter stresses me out. I don't do well in a chaotic environment and I like things to be neat. Anyway!

According to this study, people who make their beds are more likely to exercise regularly, eat healthy, and have good hygiene. They are more outgoing and get better sleep, and are likely to be "morning people" who wake up without an alarm. They like to cook, and consider themselves confident and adventurous.

I think that is mostly true of me. I definitely need an alarm to wake up in the morning but the rest is pretty accurate.

People who don't make their beds tend to be night-owls, hit the snooze button on their alarm clock, and are into comedy movies. They are also more likely to work in a technology field, and are moody, sarcastic, introverted, and curious.

My husband is a non-bed-maker. If it weren't for my insisting, it would NEVER be made...and that description is pretty accurate of him. He's not moody, but he's definitely a night-owl who works in a math/technology field, and likes sarcastic humor.

Do you think they got this right?

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If you've never seen this, here's a Navy Admiral talking about making his bed during a commencement speech. If you're looking to become a bed-maker, maybe this'll inspire you!

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