Wanna drive the Wienermobile?!

If it's always been a dream of yours to drive a giant hot dog across this glorious country of ours, I've got some GREAT news!

Oscar Mayer is hiring drivers for their Wienermobile, the 27-foot long hot dog on wheels that serves as the company's official vehicle. Created in 1936 by Carl Mayer, the Wienermobile has become a staple for the Oscar Mayer brand. The company has six Wienermobiles traveling across the country right now, and they're hiring drivers!

Potential drivers, also known as "Hotdoggers," can apply at this link.   In case you were wondering, ideal applicants have a BA or BS in marketing or PR, and are willing to drive across the US representing the company through various media interviews, charity functions, and so much more. Applications will be accepted through January 31st, so get to it!