One simple trick to having a better day at work


Is your job driving you crazy? Do you feel totally stressed the second you pull into the parking lot? Here's a tip: Take the scenic route to work!

A study found that people who took a more scenic route to and from work were happier than those who didn’t.

Researchers found that people whose commutes took them through areas with trees, parks, or other natural settings were more likely to have better mental health. These routes didn’t have to be development free, either. They just needed to have some trees or a park or even some kind of water.

The authors defined the settings as “public and private outdoor spaces that contain ‘green’ and/or ‘blue’ natural elements such as street trees, forests, city parks and natural parks/reserves, and also included all types of water bodies.” So maybe every once in a while get off the highway and take some side streets.

So for all of us who drive over our Bay Area bridges every day, we should be a LOT more relaxed when we get to work. The jury's still out on whether this works, because I drive over the Gandy every day and I don't feel any less stresses by my commute!

[Science Dirt]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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