Woman caught having an affair by her Uber-driving husband


The truth really is stranger than fiction. 

A Colombian woman named Yeimy had been cheating on her husband, Jesus, for over a year. Yeimy and Leonardo have been sneaking around to secret locations so they could be together without Yeimy's husband, Jesus, finding out. 

Well, one night, Yeimy and Leonardo had a hot date and decided to take an Uber. Everything would have been fine for the two lovebirds, but the Uber driver turned out to be Yeimy's husband!

It took the three a moment of sitting in the car before realizing that the jig was up, and then Jesus pull the car over and the two men started fist-fighting in the street while Yeimy ran off. 

And you might be wondering, "Why didn't the cheating wife see the driver's picture on the Uber app and realize it was her husband that was about to pick them up?" Well, apparently, Jesus was driving under another driver's ID, so no one knew. Uber doesn't allow drivers to share accounts, so they suspended the drivers. And it's not clear as to whether Leonardo (the boyfriend) knew Yeimy was married or not. If he didn't know, then the only person the husband should be angry with is his cheating wife. 


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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