Men are putting Rogaine on their FACES?!

Some men are so eager to have fuller, thicker beards that they’re putting hair-growing medication like Rogaine on their faces. ON THEIR FACES!!!

There are even online beard-growth forums and groups, filled with before-and-after photos, recommendations and progress reports. After reading one such forum, I found out that  you can't pet your cat after using Rogaine; it's toxic to kitties. Also, you can't kiss or wear sunscreen. Sounds sexy.

It’s a big commitment because the treatment has to be ongoing. It’s not like you sprout a beard and let it grow. Instead, the medication has to be applied daily.

For the record, the FDA has **not** approved Rogaine (or similar products) for use anywhere but the scalp. Who knows what kind of permanent side-effects could happen from using the product elsewhere. 

Here's the thing: I love a beard. My husband is bearded, and I get mega-bummed when he shaves it off. But if you're a guy who can't grow a beard for whatever reason, just let it go! Who cares?! It just seems like a lot of time, steps, and commitment to use these products on your face!

On the other hand, we ladies are notorious for using all kinds of products to enhance or alter our appearance, so who am I to talk?!

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