A Japanese company wants to build an elevator to space

When I saw this headline, I thought for sure we were being punked. I'm not 100% convinced that we're not  being punked. 

A Japanese company will begin testing technology for a space elevator later this month. The "elevator" would work via a 22,000-mile-long cable (you read that right) from Earth to a satellite or space station in orbit. 

Scientists are optimistic, but admit they have a LOT of work to do...they don't expect it to be functional until 2050.

So... flash forward another 30 years or so...would you get on this thing? I'm pretty adventurous, but I don't know. I think I'd sooner blast off in a rocket with thousands of pounds of fuel under my rump than trust a 22,000 mile long elevator. We'll see. If I'm still alive in 2050, maybe I'll give it a shot. 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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