Do you make your bed every morning? Here's what that says about you!

Do you make your bed every morning? According to a new survey, that means you are probably a morning person, have more sexy time, listen to jazz and like romantic movies. If you don’t make your bed you are most likely a night owl, listen to rock music, like Seinfeld reruns and are sarcastic. 

The One Poll/ Sleepopolis survey also found that those who make their beds tend to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and like to cook. Those who leave their beds unmade are more likely to identify as introverts, are more likely to snore and like funny movies.

42 percent of those who make their bed said their significant other makes them more likely to do it.  33 percent said it would be a turn-off if a potential partner didn’t make their bed in the morning.

According to the survey, here are the traits of those who make their bed – and those who don’t …


  • Morning person
  • Wakes up without an alarm
  • Has sex three times a week
  • Average nap is 43 minutes
  • Most likely works in health or technology fields
  • More likely to enjoy jazz music, watch House Hunters and romantic movies
  • Personality traits: adventurous, confident, sociable and high-maintenance


  • Night person
  • Snoozes alarm before getting up
  • Has sex twice a week
  • Average nap is 50 minutes
  • Most likely works in business or finance
  • More likely to enjoy rock music, watch episodes of Seinfeld and comedy movies
  • Personality traits: shy, moody, curious and sarcastic

I am a bed maker. I just like the way the room looks when the bed is all nice and put-together. My husband is not a bed-maker by nature BUT he always wakes up after me, and after a lot of spirited debate (read: arguing), he now makes the bed when he gets up. The only time I ever make the bed now is on the rare occasion that he gets up before me...honestly, he'd never have to make the bed again as long as he lives if he'd just get up earlier! Anyway, as a bed-maker, I'm disappointed in how WRONG this is for me! I am not a morning person by nature, I definitely don't wake up without an alarm (who does that?!), I don't nap, and I certainly don't think I'm high-maintenance. I do exercise a lot though, and I am I guess it's partially right. The non-bed-makers list though? That is a SPOT ON description of my husband, with the exception of the naps. What working adult has time to nap? I mean, come on!

Anyway, is this accurate for you and your household?

For funsies, here's a Navy Admiral giving a commencement speech, talking about the importance of making the bed!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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