Get a tattoo and win free pizza for life!


How bad is life in Russia that THIS MANY people are willing to get a company's logo permanently tattooed on their body in exchange for free pizza??

In Russia, Dominos Pizza recently held a promotion where they promised free pizza for life to anyone who got a Dominos logo tattooed on their body "in a prominent location." They had to cancel the promotion after just 5 days because of the overwhelming number of people who got the tattoos! HOLY COW!

How ANGRY would you be if you got the tattoo, only to find out they'd canceled the promotion, and weren't going to give you the pizza??! OMG, I'd be suing somebody! 

It looks like they honored all the tattoo participants up through the fifth day...but cut it off after that. So if you got the tattoo AFTER the cutoff. you're SOL. Ouch.[New York Post]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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