The Russians are making a real life Jurassic Park


One of my favorite movies--to this day--is Jurassic Park. It came out in 1993 (I feel old) and it was totally groundbreaking at the time for it's realistic looking dinosaurs. If you haven't seen it--first of all, SHAME ON YOU--it's about a scientist who creates dinosaurs from DNA found in blood inside a mosquito that's been petrified in amber for millions of years. It's all fun and games until the dinosaurs start eating people and all hell breaks loose. 

So when I tell you that the Russians have teamed up with the Koreans to make a real-life Jurassic Park, you should be scared. The scientists say they're only going to make friendly dinosaurs, and other creatures like mammoths and birds, mixed in with plant species which have also gone extinct. So, don't worry you guys. What could go wrong?! Everything will be toooootallllly fiiiine. Nothing to worry about, right?! 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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