Beer at NFL stadiums is about to be CHEAPER!

It doesn't matter how much you love your team, going to a professional sporting event can be a pain in the rump. From parking, to dealing with the crowd, to the RIDICULOUS prices, it's a lot. 

Well, it looks like the NFL has listened to at least one of our complaints. They'll be lowering the price of beer in the 2018-19 season! Bravo!

The Atlanta Falcons led the charge last year by slashing prices on food and drinks -- and now other teams are following along, many offering beer for about five bucks...which is about what you'd pay in a bar. 

Of course, this makes sense. Watching football on TV is so convenient (and cheap!), it’s getting harder to convince fans to come out to the stadium.

By dropping prices, fans have one less reason to stay away. 

Will lower prices on concessions be enough to convince you to go to more games?

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Sarah Jacobs

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