Apparently I have a face for radio...

Someone polled more than 1,100 radio hosts around the country and asked a bunch of questions about how we do our jobs.  But they also mixed in a few mildly insulting questions that we loved tolerated.  And here are the results . . . 

The best question they asked was, "Do you think you have a face for radio?"  And 28% admitted that YES, they probably do. lol! 

That includes 11% who STRONGLY agreed.  And male hosts were about twice as likely to say they have a "face for radio" than female hosts.  (I am not hideous, but I'm not a model either. Hey, I found a guy to marry me, I'll chalk that up as a win)

39% admitted they've dated a listener before, including 7% who ended up marrying one.  (So if you're willing to deal with our hideousness, you might have a shot? Yay, you!)

So why do people get into radio as a career?  Here are the top ten reasons we work in radio, according to the survey . . .

1.  It's fun.  80% agreed that's one of their top reasons. (that's MY reason!)

2.  Entertaining people, 73%. 

3.  It's emotionally fulfilling, 57%.

4.  It's what I do best, 50%.

5.  Supporting the community, 46%.

6.  Informing people, 46%.

7.  Being able to connect with a large number of people, 45%. 

8.  Because it's fun being part of a team, 39%. 

9.  It's just all about the music, 35%.

10.  Hey, it's a living, 31%.

Only 14% said money is a main factor (y'all it doesn't pay as well as you think) . . . just 6% said fame is what motivates them (lol, no) . . . and 1% said they do it for the constant hook-ups (I've met night hosts at pop stations who hook up with a lot of listeners...that's never been something I've thought about).

As far as what's hardest about the job . . . 37% said they spend over nine hours a day at work.  And 49% were forced to take the weekend or overnight shift when they were just starting out. (true, and true)

Here's a fun fact...when I was in high school, my mom tried to convince me to go to clown college. Like, as a substitute for regular college. I don't think anyone told her that's not how it works. So yeah, I guess you could say I've had a face for radio since before I knew what that was. Oh well. I'll keep showing up as long as the checks keep clearing. ;)

  (PR Newswire)

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Sarah Jacobs

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