4 year old saves his grandmother's life!


Little Max Velez is only four, but he’s already being recognized for being a real-life hero. He was at home with his grandmother recently when she stopped breathing and he called 911 for help.

Max’s mom, Fallon Clarke, explains that she was at work when her mother had a medical emergency and couldn’t breathe, but Max stayed calm and knew how to handle the situation. His mom says he did everything right, from putting the dog in its crate, to answering the door for the first responders, to bringing them his grandma’s inhaler.

Hospital staff honored Max with presents and an award for his quick thinking. Officers told Clarke that her son saved her mom’s life and she’s glad he’s been paying attention. “We’ve practiced in the past,” the proud mom says. “I try and talk to him about emergencies and strangers, so he knows what 911 stands for.”

This is incredible, and it reinforces the notion that we have to start teaching kids about emergencies and dialing 911 at an early age! 


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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