Woman tries to help man at Wawa, finds out it's Keith Urban


I'm a big fan of Keith Urban, and I think if I ran into him at a grocery store or restaurant, I'd know immediately that it was Keith. 

Yesterday, Keith stopped at a Wawa in New Jersey, and was paying at the counter when he realized he was short on cash. So the woman in line behind him stepped up to be a good Samaritan and pay for his bill, NOT REALIZING IT WAS KEITH URBAN. She thought he was some random guy who was just down on his luck! 

After a few minutes, she realized who she was talking to, and said she "felt like an idiot" for not recognizing him immediately. She confirmed with his bodyguard that it was, in fact, THE Keith Urban she was talking to, and Keith ended up chatting with her and posing for a photo. 

Ok, first of all, props to this lady for being willing to give her hard earned money to a stranger at a gas station. That's lovely. But I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

Why didn't Keith Urban have enough money? If he was low on cash, didn't he have a credit card? And if he didn't have money on him, why didn't he ask his bodyguard to spot him? It's not like he's not good for it. Did Keith really look THAT disheveled that this woman legit believed he was a hobo? I'm telling y'all, I have more questions than answers! 

But it still makes for a funny story!

[ABC Action News]

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