Bigfoot lives in Florida

Do you believe in Bigfoot? If so, you're not alone. 

And no, I'm not talking about the monster truck called 'Bigfoot.' I mean sasquatch. Skunk ape. Bigfoot. 

There's a growing population of Floridians (of course!) who believe Bigfoot is not only real, but also that he lives in the Sunshine State. There have been multiple reported sightings of a skunk ape in the panhandle, as recorded by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Yes, that's a real thing. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says they've never had a recorded sighting of a sasquatch, but plenty of people think that's just a cover-up. 

“Our goal at BFRO is to get scientific evidence to prove that Bigfoot exists,” says Mick Minnis, a Crestview resident, and BFRO member . “And then to protect the species. There are some organizations out there that believe they need to kill something to prove it, but I am absolutely no-kill.” you believe? I have a hard time accepting that Bigfoot is real, only because no photos exist. We've got plenty of pictures of what is OBVIOUSLY a dude in a costume...I've never seen a legit photo. And all of the sightings seem to be reported by drunk dudes named Bubba who were bass fishing in the backcountry and never seem to have a camera on them. I'm saying no until better evidence presents...but if I'm wrong, tell me!

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