Ever played with an Ouija board?

I remember the first time I was ever at a sleepover when someone busted out the Ouija board. I was NOT about to get involved with that thing. Y'all, I don't even believe in ghosts! But that stupid board freaked me out, and I sat across the room while all my middle school friends contacted the other side, or whatever. 

If you've ever played with one, you probably had it spell out some random words, and then you and all your friends probably accused one another of pushing the little pointer thing. 

Well, it turns out, ALL OF YOU were moving the little pointer thing. 

I could have told you that...but apparently, a study was needed. Yes, someone actually paid for a study to be done about this!

They hooked up eye trackers to people who were using a Ouija board, and the researchers found that, yeah, everyone was pushing it a little bit.  Sorry to ruin your first experience with crossovers from the spirit world. Looks like you didn't really make contact with your Great Aunt Edna after all.


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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