Sucker Punch Saves Tampa Man's Life!

A 63-year-old guy named David Miller works at a gas station in Tampa.  And earlier this month, he got sucker punched by some jerk who was trying to buy beer after the 3:00 A.M. cutoff. 

According to security footage, the customer got angry and started arguing with David, and then got in David's face...and then clocks him HARD with a right hook, and leaves the store.  Last we heard, the cops were still looking for the guy.

Anyway, David got right back up, and decided to go to the hospital for a CT scan to make sure the guy didn't do any real damage. And it turns out the sucker-punch may have actually saved David's life. 

When doctors looked at the scan, they didn't find any major damage from the punch.  But they did spot a small tumor in his brain, and because they found it so early, he should be okay. 

Unbelievable! Glad you're going to be ok, David! And I hope the police catch that loser who punched you!

And on a personal note, what kind of human garbage hits another human being over not being able to buy beer? Way to make your parents proud, loser.

[Miami Herald]


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