"Nap pods" coming to an airport near you!

For all of the advancements we've made in many areas of our lives, it's amazing how uncomfortable and inconvenient air travel still is. It's as if things are getting worse instead of better. Seats on planes are getting smaller and they're squished closer together, and waiting in an airport terminal is super cramped and uncomfortable. It's like they WANT us to be miserable. 

Well, a company is trying to change that -- at least a little bit -- by offering nap pods in airports, that allow people to chill out, relax -- and even watch stuff on Netflix.

These "AirPod Sleeping Pods" are private "capsule style" units designed to be installed in public spaces, such as, airports, hotels, railway and bus stations, shopping centers and offices.

You swipe your card. You step in. And, you get total privacy and comfort, while enjoying a touch screen monitor, air conditioning, sound reduction technology, smart-glass privacy and mood lighting -- all designed to reduce stress. They even pump in air that eliminates 100 percent of unpleasant smells.

Which sounds great, until you realize you're sharing this space with everyone else who's climbed into it before you. I would want to know how frequently they are cleaned before I'd lie down in there. If I'm going to share germs with thousands of strangers, I'm not going to pay extra for it. I'd love to know what they charge.

I will say this, I unexpectedly spend the night in the Boston Logan airport once (long story), and would have loved it if something like this were available. I slept on the floor and it was pretty a miserable experience. I'd never been so happy to get home and into by bed in my whole life.

AirPods are expected to start appearing in airports later this year. There are already similar features in other airports in the US. Have you ever seen one? Have you used one?? I'd love your review!

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