We're all getting dumber

Well THIS isn't good. According to a new study, we're getting dumber. No, it's not your imagination, people really aren't as smart as they used to be!

Some researchers out of Norway looked at IQ test scores from the 1960s through today, and discovered that each generation is dumber than the generation before it, by an average of 7 points. So, your kids are dumber than you, you're dumber than your parents, your parents are dumber than your grandparents... not good!

Why is this so? The researchers looked at a bunch of possible factors, and three things stood out: The quality of education is getting worse, nutrition is getting worse, and every generation has more and more exposure to the media. Which means your mama was right: TV really IS frying your brain!

The good news here is that all of those things are fixable! If you're a parent, you can read to your kids, make a point to teach them new skills, and expose them to new ideas. You can try to feed your family healthier foods, and limit your kids' exposure to TV, smartphones, and other types of media, especially when they're teenagers.

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Sarah Jacobs

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