Exercise = Make more money!

 A new study found that people who exercise regularly are not only happier and healthier.... they also make more money than people who don't regularly exercise. And it's not just a little more money. It's a LOT more money!

According to the survey, by fitness app Freeletics, those who say they exercise regularly reported making about $75,000 on average, while respondents who admitted they never exercise made about $50,000. $25,000 more just because they exercise? Sounds like it's time to go for a jog. Need more convincing? The survey also found that people who exercise regularly also have more sex.

Now, on a personal note, I don't think it's fair to just say, "Hey! Start exercising and you'll increase your salary!" But it's one of those things that successful people tend to do. I read an article talking about the most common habits of successful CEOs, and one of the things nearly EVERY Fortune 500 CEO has in common is that they prioritize their physical healthSo maybe it's not about the exercise, as much as it is  about setting yourself up for success. You can't pour from an empty cup...taking care of your physical health allows you to give 100% in other aspects of your life...like your work. Something to think about, especially if it leads to a better career or higher pay!

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