How to get the hot air out of your car!

You know the feeling: It's a hot summer afternoon. It's 87 outside, but it feels like 102. You go to get in your car, open the car door and WHOOOOOSHHH!! That heat slams you in the face like an industrial oven, and as much as you want to get in your car and go, you have to wait for some of that heat to escape. Especially if you have leather or vinyl seats...who wants to sit on the surface of the sun? NO ONE, that's who!

Everyone seems to have their own way of getting the heat out, especially here in Florida, but researchers have conducted actual experiments (really!) on how to best get the hot air our and the cool air in. Read on!

There were 4 different methods used in the experiment:

1.  Blast the A/C but keep the car parked the whole time. 

2.  Blast the A/C and drive with the windows down.

3.  Blast the A/C and drive with the windows up.

4.  Roll the passenger window down and fan the car with the driver's side door, then blast the A/C and drive off with the windows up. 

The best method was #4. Yep. The one that makes you look the most ridiculous in the parking lot is the one that works best. Check out this's the first demonstration. Give it a try!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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