Tornadoes rip through Wyoming

Growing up in Florida, we have a healthy fear of Mother Nature. We have lots of lightning, and we're no stranger to hurricanes...we even get tornadoes here. But they're nothing compared to the monster tornadoes that rip through the Plains, and as of this week, Wyoming. Usually, when you see a tornado this size, it's coming across Kansas, Nebraska, or Oklahoma. This massive twister tore through Laramie, Wyoming yesterday (June 6th). 

This is so terrifying to me. Give me a hurricane any day of the week, just don't make me face one of these things. At least with a hurricane, you have several days' warning and can prepare...with a tornado, you're lucky to have a few minutes' warning, and it can completely destroy entire towns in a matter of moments. No thanks. 

Fortunately, this area isn't super populated, so hopefully everyone is ok!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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