FL city to ban alcohol sales during a hurricane!

In Cape Coral, a proposed ordinance would ban the sales of alcohol in an official state of emergency. If it passes, Cape Coral residents could say goodbye to any thought of a hurricane party! The ordinance is based on similar laws in 48 other counties in the US, and supporters say it's for the safety of the residents. But objectors say it's taking money away from businesses.

In my personal opinion, it's a little too intrusive. I'm an adult. If I want to buy beer before a hurricane because I know I'm about to be trapped in my house for the next 2 days with nothing else to do, then that's my decision to make. I thought Prohibition was repealed...no? 

Anyway, if you feel differently (or agree with me!), I'd love to hear your thoughts. Would you want to see similar legislation passed in Tampa Bay? Or is this totally ridiculous? Feel free to hit me up on Facebook, or tap me on the shoulder if when you see me in the liquor store. ;) 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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