Take your shoes off and lose weight??

I grew up in Florida, which means I basically NEVER had shoes on as a child. When I get home, the first thing I do is ditch my shoes. I would MUCH rather be barefoot than have shoes on, especially in my own house. My husband is one of those weirdos that ALWAYS has shoes on, and I can't understand it. It's the strangest thing. 

According to this new study, taking your shoes off at home could help you lose weight. Wooo! 

This article in the Daily Mail explains it, but the idea is, when you roam around during your day, you are exposed to loads of chemicals that stick to the bottom of your shoes. Many of these chemicals meddle with your hormones and cause you to gain weight, or have trouble losing it. Taking off your shoes at the door reduce the number of these chemicals you are exposed to by keeping them from spreading all throughout your home, via the bottoms of your shoes. 

Ok. It's a bit of a stretch to me, but if this helps me get my husband to take his shoes off at the front door, I'll give it a shot!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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