Starbucks will let you use their bathroom even if you're not a customer

Starbucks got an infinite amount of bad press last month when a manager in Philadelphia called the cops on two black guys who were sitting in the store but hadn't ordered yet because they were waiting for a friend.

So over the weekend, they announced a new policy:  Anyone is allowed to sit in a Starbucks or use their bathroom even if they don't buy anything. 

They say it's to, quote, "create a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome."  

Look, if you own your business, you have a right to run it however you want. If I were a business owner though, I don't know that I'd want people loitering around and using my facilities if they weren't paying customers. Especially if the non-paying  people were taking up tables and preventing paying people from sitting down. 

I'd love your thoughts on this, especially if you're a business owner who's dealt with this issue before. Hit me up on Facebook and let me know!

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