How much do you care about the Royal Wedding?

I remember when Prince William married Kate Middleton a few years seemed like the WHOLE WORLD was going crazy. And everyone was talking about Kate's sister Pippa, and her now-famous backside. It was bonkers. 

Anyway, step aside Price William, because it's Prince Harry's turn! The Royal Wedding of Price Harry to Maghan Markle is this Saturday, and it seems like most Americans don't really care, even though Meghan *is* an American. That's kinda cool. We'll have an American princess. Neato. 

But what's funny to me is, even most Brits don't care about the Royal Wedding this time around! 66% of Britons say they "don't care" about it...I wonder if that's because the bride is American rather than British...who knows. 

Anyway, I found out that a few movie theatres in the Tampa Bay Area will be showing the Royal Wedding on the big screen this Saturday, if you want to go that route. The wedding is at noon UK time (who gets married at noon? I mean, come on), which means 7am Eastern time. Coverage on most major US networks will begin at 5:30am. It's estimated that security at the Royal Wedding will cost the equivalent of $50 million, which will be payed for using taxpayer dollars. Wow!

Fathom Events and BritBox, the subscription service from BBC Studios and ITV, are partnering for Harry & Meghan: The Royal Wedding, a commercial-free presentation of the royal wedding that will screen in nearly 200 theaters across the U.S. on May 19.

The broadcast of the ceremony will be captured live from Windsor Castle in England and will screen in theaters at 10 a.m. local time, so you can sleep in a little. I can get behind that. 

Get locations and tickets HERE.

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