This Unicorn Ice Cream has GLITTER in it!!


Target has officially started carrying UNICORN MAGIC ICE CREAM! And guess what, guys?? IT HAS GLITTER IN IT!


Wait, noooo. 

Honestly, I was all kinds of excited about it until I realized what the flavor actually was. It's a fruity base with blue raspberry swirl, frosting, and glitter candy. 

Sounds pretty, but also gross. I'm not 7. I'm a 35 year old who drinks wine and watches Jeopardy, and I'm not digging this flavor combination. It's like they turned Rainbow Brite loose at the ice cream factory, and just packaged whatever she came up with. 

Sorry, that was mean. But true. Target, throw some chocolate in there, will ya? And 86 the frosting. I don't need frosting AND glitter in my ice cream. I'm not trying to get a cavity AND diabetes. One or the other would be fine, thanks. 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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