IT'S HERE! Timberlake/Stapleton DUET


Yes yes YES. 

I've really been looking forward to Justin Timberlake's new album, Man of the Woods (despite not being in love with the lead single, "Filthy"). Well, JT has released another single from the album called "Say Something" and it features Chris Stapleton. 

Guys. GUYYYZZE. It's good. For real. Take a listen.

And I'm just speculating here, but could this mean that Stapleton might make a cameo appearance at JT's Super Bowl Halftime Performance? Wishful thinking, probably. But it would be awesome!

OH! And pay close attention to the music video. It's all shot in one continuous take. Normally, anything you watch (TV, movies, commercials, music videos--ANYTHING) is shot in several shorter segments and edited together. With this video, it's all ONE long shot with no breaks or edits. Pretty impressive, and VERY difficult to orchestrate. 

[Rolling Stone]

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