Did Luke Bryan Give His Wife Kangaroos for Christmas?

We all know that life as a celebrity isn't like life as a normal person. You probably got socks for Christmas. Luke Bryan's wife Caroline got kangaroos. I'M NOT KIDDING. 

At least, I'm pretty sure she got kangaroos. Luke posted a video on Christmas morning of himself giving his wife a large bag with two baby kanagroos in it. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING, LUKE??! WE ALL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

This doesn't appear to be a joke. Are they really keeping the kangaroos? Are the kangaroos rentals? Where does one go to even rent kangaroos?

Watch the video below and then please get back to me with answers because I'm utterly confused as to what is happening in the Bryan household right now.

ps-- nice PJ's, Luke.


UPDATE!!! I found the backstory on the kangaroos!! READ THIS to learn more. Very sweet! 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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