Do you remember The King from Chuck E Cheese??


I grew up in the 90s, and like many of my fellow 90s kids, I went to Chuck E Cheese often. Every birthday party or special occasion, we all BEGGED to go to Chuck E Cheese! 

Do you remember, "The King?" He's an animatronic lion who'd sing Elvis songs at each Chuck E's, until 1995 when, apparently, the Elvis Presley Estate demanded that The King be pulled out of every Chuck E Cheese location across America or be faced with legal action. 

Most of these Kings ended up in the scrap heap. I'm told there are 3 Kings still in existence in the US, but only ONE that actually works! And amazingly, the working King is right here in Tampa Bay!

Jared Sanchez, a Tampa local, grew up loving The King, has spent loads of his own money and countless hours of his time restoring The King, and he now has a YouTube channel with tons of cute videos! I met Jared last week and he is SO passionate about The King, and hopes you're transported back to your younger days when you see these videos.

You HAVE to check out The King's YouTube! The amount of work that Jared put into the restoration is remarkable! Here's another vid so you get the idea. Jared has a whole YouTube channel with a TON of video if you want to check out more!

ps--Jared is a super nice guy, and LOVES sharing The King with people who remember him. Feel free to reach out to Jared if you have questions about The King's restoration.

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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