Fireball for Breakfast


A bakery in New Jersey has created the Fireball Bagel...and it's EXACTLY what it sounds like. A bagel made with Fireball (cinnamon) whiskey, and it comes with an apple pie spice cream cheese and a cinnamon whiskey glaze.

Ok, honestly, the cinnamon apple combination sounds delicious, but why not just make a cinnamon bagel? 

I don't need to be reminded about every bad late-night decision I've ever made when I'm trying to get my day started. Plus, I'm going into a diabetic coma just reading the description. Sounds more like a dessert than a breakfast.

Would you try it? I mean, I'd have a bite, but I don't think I'd get down on the whole thing.

[The Daily Meal]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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