Some moron jumped a railing and fell into an active volcano

It doesn't seem possible that someone could fall into an active volcano and survive, but that's what happened this week in Hawaii.

Officials at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park say a man was rescued after fallingĀ into the active Kilauea volcano. They say he climbed over a metal railing to get a better look from a 300-foot cliff, lost his footing and fell. He landed 70 feet below on a narrow ledge.

A search team found the man more than two hours later. He was alive but suffered serious injuries.

I know I should feel bad for this guy (and I guess I do...a little), but he intentionally climbed over a railing that was meant to keep guests safe. It's safe to say he did this to himself, right? Does that make me a bad person?

In all sincerity, I'm glad he survived, and he's expected to make a recovery...but this was completely avoidable!

[USA Today]



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