Deaf man adopts deaf shelter pup!

After a rough start in life, a dog who is deaf has been rescued by his ideal companion: a man who’s also deaf! Nick Abbott knew Emerson was the dog for him when he read about him and found out he can’t hear either. He recently adopted Emerson from NFR Maine and now he’s teaching his pup sign language so they can communicate!

Life hasn’t been easy for Emerson, he was found on the streets and started having seizures, and then he contracted parvo. After being treated, he was only 12 weeks old and the rescue group feared people wouldn’t be interested in a puppy who’s now deaf and visually impaired, but that’s when Abbott found Emerson. He says the pooch’s disabilities are the most appealing thing about him and it was a perfect match.

“I was drawn to him right away because we had similarities,” Abbott says. “I felt I could understand him.” Now you can follow their life together on Instagram as “two deaf boys and their adventures.”




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