Tips for getting the coffee-shop treatment at home

If you're sick of dropping $5 (or more!) at Starbucks every day, here are three easy ways to make better coffee at home.

1. Use better water. If you don't like the taste of your tap water on its own, don't use it for coffee either. Especially if you have hard water, or use a water softener. Investing in bottled water, or using a Brita can make your coffee taste a lot better. (I personally get Zephyrills water delivered to my house in 5-gallon jugs because our water is pretty icky... If you don't want to pay for delivery, you can bring empty gallon containers to a grocery store and fill them for a quarter)

2. Grind your own beans. Pre-ground coffee gets stale really fast. So it isn't as fresh and has a lot less flavor. Even if whole beans cost a little more, it might be worth it. You can get a cheap electric grinder on Amazon for $10-20 (I have one of these and it's a game-changer. Freshly ground coffee is SO much yummier!)

3. Make sure you're adding to the flavor, not just diluting it. One mistake people make is using skim milk instead of whole milk or creamer. Low-fat milk is a little more watery, and doesn't add much to the taste. Whole milk has more calories, but you're not using very much. One ounce of skim has about 10 calories, compared to 18 for whole milk. So just go for the whole!

Happy brewing!



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