Faking a smile at work is really bad for your health!

This one really hit home for me, because I waited tables for 10 years. I think anyone who has ever worked in hospitality, retail, customer service...or anything where you have to deal with the general public all the time...this one's going to hurt.

It turns out that "service with a smile" might not be the best policy.  It's actually TERRIBLE for your mental health. A new study just found that forcing a smile for customers is linked to more drinking after work.

The study looked at jobs where people have to interact with the general public... nurses, teachers, restaurant workers, etc. They found that people who have to smile a lot--or suppress negative emotions--tend to drink more after their shift ends.

So when some jerk is screaming at you for no reason and you want to tell them to suck it, but you can't because you need the paycheck, so you suck it up and deal with their BS even though you want to throat-punch them? Yeah. That's bad for you.

The head researcher thinks it's because we all have a limited amount of self-control each day, if you have to waste it on pretending to be happy at work, you don't have much left over to control how much you drink.

Makes sense to me! Looks like a lot of us are way less healthy than we thought, huh?




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