Lots of couples are getting a "sleep divorce." Would you do this?

If your partner snores, chances are you’ve spent a night or two sleeping in another room just so you can get some rest. Lots of couples deal with this issue, but it seems some of them are dealing with it realistically, by getting a “sleep divorce.”

According to a recent survey, more than 30% of Americans admit they’d rather sleep apart from their significant others. Whether it’s snoring or some other issue that keeps someone from getting rest while in bed with their partner, lack of sleep can become a serious problem that can affect physical and mental health and cause irritability, anxiety and depression. So some couples are throwing in the towel on sleepless nights in bed next to their partner and are getting a “sleep divorce” - which is basically sleeping in another room, but on a permanent basis.

It may seem extreme, but when you’re beyond tired and being in bed with your boo isn’t allowing you to catch any Zs, it’s a viable solution. For Jamie and Jeff, a couple who was recently on an episode of The Doctors TV show about sleep divorces, sleeping apart works for them when nothing else would. He says he tried everything to stop snoring, from quitting smoking to getting surgery on his nose, but nothing helped. Now he and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms and everyone actually gets the rest they need.

The couple says they’re totally in love, but being apart for sleep actually makes their relationship better. They don’t miss out on sexy time just because they’re not in the same bed, Jeff says it’s more regular because they’re conscious about it. As crazy as it may sound, they say the sleep divorce made their relationship better.

The first time I ever heard of this, I was against it. But the more I understand it, the more I think it could potentially be a great idea for a lot of couples. Think about it: If you're not getting any sleep because your partner is snoring (or you have very different work schedules...maybe one of you works a day job and the other works a graveyard shift), you're tired and irritable, and you'll probably take that out on your partner. But if both of you are getting good sleep, you'll both be happier and healthier! Just a thought, if you're dealing with this issue!

Would you do this? Are you a "sleep divorced" couple?

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