Dude shoplifts chainsaw by stuffing it down his pants

Police in Fresno, California are trying to track down a thief who stole a chainsaw from a hardware store by concealing it in the last place you'd ever want to put a chainsaw. 

The theft was caught on the store's surveillance cameras picking up the chainsaw and shoving it down the front of his pants. He then calmly walked out of the store and got away. 

Cops are hoping someone recognizes him in the video and turns him in. But be careful -- a man walked into the police station to prove that he was not the crook in the video after his friends on social media had wrongly accused him.

The man's face looks pretty clear in the surveillance video...also, WHAT THE HELL?! How did their employees not notice that something was stuffed into his clothes? If I were the manager of that store, I'd be having a serious come-to-Jesus talk with my loss prevention team. Wow.



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