Charmin unveils the "Forever Roll," which they say will last you a month!

If your family uses a lot of toilet paper, you're going to love this: Just imagine going up to one full month before changing your roll! Charmin has unveiled its latest creation in the world of toilet paper and it's HUGE.

The new "Forever Roll" has Charmin's signature ultrasoft 2-ply sheets with 1,700 sheets for a multi-user roll. The "Forever Roll" is so big it even needs its own dispenser! There's no way this thing will fit in the dispenser you've got in your bathroom!

According to Charmin, a single-user roll costs $5.49 per roll for a one-time purchase, or $4.39 per roll when you sign up for a subscription. They also say that while the "Forever Rolls" may cost more, they offer convenience with its subscription service.

The Forever Rolls are also available on Amazon and at Walmart.

In all seriousness, how hard is it to change a roll of toilet paper? It takes like, 4 seconds.



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