13-year-old boy buys car for his mom

Wow. If only there were more people like this kid in the world!

A 13-year-old boy is going viral for the sweet thing he did for his mom.

From WESH in Nevada:

Krystal Preston lives in Fernley with her three kids and three dogs. The single mother was struggling make endsmeet with no means of transportation.
"At my low point, here comes my son," Krystal Preston said. “Everybody goes through rough patches in their life, but there's good that can come from any situation as long as somebody with a heart does it."
Her oldest son, 13-year-old William Preston, does yard and house work for people in his community to make a little extra money.
"I saw on YouTube where people get their mom a car and then surprise her with it,” William said. “I wanted to do that."
William was scrolling through Facebook one day and noticed someone selling a 1999 Chevrolet Metro.
"It was really cheap so I asked her if I could trade it for my Xbox or earn it, and at first she said no, and then she thought about it, and then she said yes," he said.
William's dream of buying his mother a car became a reality.
"'Mom, I got you a car,' and then she said, 'No you didn't,' and then I said, 'I did,' and she didn't believe me," William said.

Great work, William! What a wonderful thing to do!



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