This just doesn't seem like a good idea

My first reaction to the new JetPack Aviation flying motorcycle was, "COOL!" But then I thought, "Literally everyone who attempts to fly this thing is going to meet their untimely demise."

JetPack Aviation has unveiled a flying motorcycle. Picture a cross between the motorcycles in Tron and the Star Wars speeder bike. It goes 150 miles per hour and will climb to 15,000 feet. And it's available for regular folks to purchase (for the right price, of course).

I mean, there's no chance a regular joe flies this thing and lives to tell about it, right?

For the record, I love adventuring. I've jumped out of planes (more than one!), I scuba dive, I've been white water rafting (many times). I like things that most people consider "dangerous." It's fun for me. But even I might pass on this one.

Don't get me wrong, it looks cool as hell, and I bet it's super fun! And I'd love to be able to just jet over the traffic in the morning. But... don't you think I should be a trained pilot before launching myself 15,000 feet in the air at 150 MPG? No? Ok. Carry on then!

In all seriousness, it looks mega cool and fun. But... Danger, Will Robinson!



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