Teen rescues kidnapped man while walking her dog

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

A 17-year-old girl was walking her dog in her New Jersey neighborhood when she heard screams coming from the trunk of a parked car. Kayla Rose says she heard muffled sounds and banging coming from the trunk of a car parked on the street, and after she heard it again, she called out “Hello?” And then someone answered, “Hello, can anybody help me?”

The teen ran inside her house and told her mother what was going on and she alerted neighbors, who came out to help and called 911. With police on their way, the neighbor asked the person in the car’s trunk if they could breathe and he said “yeah.” Police arrived and rescued the man inside, taking him to the hospital to get non-life-threatening injuries checked out, according to the Union County Prosecutor's Office.

Police found that the man had been carjacked, kidnapped, and robbed the night before. Two armed suspects took him to local banks and forced him to withdraw money before locking him in the trunk. Fortunately, Kayla heard him and helped save him. Her mother, Marie Banks says, “I guess he was very happy, thankful for my daughter that she found him.”

[ABC News]



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