Abandoned mall turned into "tiny house" apartments

America's oldest mall has been converted into "tiny house" style apartments. What a cool idea!

The ground floor of the mall--now called The Arcade--in Providence, Rhode Island has been converted into 48 mini condos. The mall was originally built in 1828, and closed in 2008. It sat vacant for a while, until someone got the idea to convert the empty store fronts into apartments! Due to zoning regulations, the apartments don't have stoves, but there's a food court/convenience store available to residents that's open daily.

Many of the residents of The Arcade travel a lot for work and aren't home much and live alone, so a small, inexpensive condo is perfect, even if it doesn't have a full kitchen.

Each unit has a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchenette with a refrigerator with a sink. it's an environmentally friendly solution for those in need of affordable housing. Cool!

[Hearty Soul]



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