The German authorities sold this family's dog on ebay!

Say what you will about the IRS, but I'm pretty sure that even at their worst, they'd never do THIS.

There's a family in Ahlen, Germany that apparently owed quite a bit in back taxes, and in November, the authorities showed up at their house to seize their assets.

They took the family's money and valuables...and their DOG! The family pug was taken by the authorities and there was nothing the family could do. But that's not the worst part of the story.

The German authorities SOLD THE DOG ON EBAY!

And now, just to make this even messier, the pug has needed four surgeries since its new owner bought it . . . so now the new owner is suing the tax officials for falsely advertising that the dog had a clean bill of health. 

Talk about being kicked while you're down... you lose everything, and then someone takes your dog?! Serves them right to get sued by the new owner. I wonder if the new owner would be willing to give the dog back to the original owners. Man, what a messed up story!

[The Local]



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