Man plans to spend his golden years at Holiday Inn instead of nursing home

His reasoning is pretty sound: a nursing home in his area is about $188 per day, while the local Holiday Inn, with a senior discount applied is $59.23 per day, and includes a pool and free breakfast.

He could use the difference to pay for a home health nurse to visit him multiple times per week, and probably have money leftover. I'm actually disappointed I didn't think of this first.

Plus, the Holiday Inn also has housekeeping, a laundry room, a lobby bar, and a gym.

Terry Robison of Texas says with the money he's saving by living at the Holiday Inn, he'll have over $100 left over for lunch and dinner, laundry, and gratuities for all of the hotel staff.

Plus, Holiday Inn always has complementary toiletries and clean your rooms for you. They'll also fix or repair anything that goes wrong in the room.

"They treat you like a customer, not a patient," Terry said.

This idea sounds better the more I read.




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