What we know about Miranda Lambert's new husband, Brendan McLoughlin

In case you missed the news, Miranda Lambert announced over the weekend that she secretly tied the knot with a guy named Brendan McLoughlin. I say "a guy" because very little is known about him. He's not a celebrity or in the music industry, no one knew Miranda was in a relationship, and we were all very surprised when we saw her Instagram post announcing that she's once again a married woman.

McLoughlin is a New York City police officer, and Miranda met him in November while her band, the Pistol Annies, were playing Good Morning America in November. McLoughlin works in the precinct that works the GMA studio, and they met outside the set. They obviously hit it off, because Miranda announced on Saturday evening (Feb 16th) she and McLoughlin were married, and People says the wedding took place on January 26th.

What do we know about her new husband? Not a ton, but to be honest, what we do know raises some red flags.

First of all, he's an aspiring model. Secondly, he has an ex-fiance and a three-month-old child.... and the child is NOT with the fiancee. Apparently, a third woman contacted his now-ex-fiance to tell her she was 7 months pregnant with McLoughlin's child. The fiancee called off the relationship, the other woman had the baby, three days later he met Miranda, and now they're married. This sounds like a lot of drama that I wouldn't want to be involved with. I hope Miranda signed a prenup. But hey, it's not my life! I could be totally wrong! I only know what I'm reading on the internet. Maybe it's a good thing that she's with a "regular person" instead of another celeb. What do I know?!

This news comes only a few days after Miranda reportedly dumped a plate of food in a woman's lap in a Nashville restaurant.



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