Gender-reveal lasagna is a thing and no one wants it

Remember back in the day when a gender reveal involved nothing more than an expectant couple and a doctor saying, "You're having a boy," and then the couple went home? Yeah, those were the days. 

Don't get me wrong, if you're having a baby, there's a good chance you're pretty excited about it and want to share your news with all of your family and friends, and that's great! And if you decide to have a big gender-reveal party, that's fantastic. If it makes you happy, it makes me happy. 

But this is where I draw the line. An Italian restaurant is selling gender reveal LASAGNAS that are either pink or blue inside. WHY?!

Listen y'all, I love to eat. Food is my favorite thing. But if I cut into a lasagna that's pink or blue inside, I'll assume it's either rotten, or the victim of some unfortunate kitchen mishap, and I'm not eating it. I have this weird thing where food should just stick to its natural color, I guess. 

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